Hello! My name is Yulia. And this site was made for You and our Cakes! I love to bake and share positive energy. I bake with love. As soon as it is a home bakery I have time for each cake and it’s really custom!) So, be sure that it is full of love!) And… good ingredients!!! I want to show what you and friends can have as a sentimental present for different events of your life. What can help you to make your day much better! Here you can find homemade delicious cakes, cookies and pies. Can’t wait to make your days sweeter!)

Our Cakes

Everybody has their special life events requiring unique and special cakes, which is exactly what we offer – cakes to perfectly fit any occasion of your life.

The desserts are made with high quality products and with our main secret ingredient – Love!

Who else can offer you Our Love? 🙂

They come complete with special notes of creativity. We use fresh berries, fruits, spices and flowers to find your personal version of the best custom cakes.


I have a page on facebook named Homemade Cakes and Sweets: facebook

My instagram profile is sadakova_yulia: facebook


Feel free to reachout about current availability and to just chat! You can reach me below: